How do people really use their phones? (infographic)

28 Jun 2012

The new Samsung Galaxy S III

Mobile device usage varies based on culture and location, states a new infographic that illustrates how consumers are really using their phones.

The infographic by Inneractive looks at user average talk time, accessories usage, battery consumption, engagement, and talk time per device.

Among the facts and figures on the infographic is the revelation that the US is tops when it comes to user average talk time, clocking in 450 minutes per month, but people in Sweden (47pc) use accessories, such as a Bluetooth headset, most often.

And if you own a Samsung Galaxy S, you are likely to talk more per month than Galaxy S II users (431 minutes for Galaxy S users compared to 352 minutes for Galaxy SII users).


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic