How Macs and PCs stack up against each other (infographic)

8 Apr 2012

Although the PC maintains its grip on world market share for personal computers, Mac sales are consistently increasing every year, a new infographic suggests.

The infographic on by Temple University students Anthony Im, Jason Lee and Dan Nguyen, illustrates how Macs are becoming the favoured platform within businesses and shows how this translates into areas of social media.

For example, on the social network Facebook, the Facebook Page for Windows has more ‘Likes’ (followers) than the Facebook Page for Apple Inc – 5,351,477* followers versus 4,794,761 followers respectively.

However, Macs surpass PCs on microblogging site Twitter and on video-sharing site YouTube.

Apple’s YouTube channel boasts 411,440 subscribers, whereas Windows’ YouTube channel has 43,305 subscribers.

More Twitter users are fans of Apple/Macs (886,380) than PCs/Windows (411,075), and although Apple does not have a Twitter account, the App Store alone has more followers than Windows, according to the infographic.

*Figures throughout are from the time of the infographic’s publication