How many devices do you carry? (infographic)

15 Mar 2013

The average gadget user carries an average of 2.9 devices, a new Sophos survey suggests, with smartphones and laptops being the most popular.

Network security firm Sophos’ Naked Security site surveyed more than 2,200 gadget users around the world, asking them how many devices they carry, and which operating systems they use.

A new infographic reveals the results, among them being the highest number of devices carried by a survey respondent is 12.

Of the 2,226 respondents (the majority of whom represent Australia, Canada, Germany, the US and the UK), residents of Germany, on average, carry the most devices, at 3.1. They are also most likely to carry laptops, whereas Americans, Australians, the British, and Canadians are most likely to carry smartphones.

The survey also found that people in Australia carried the fewest number of devices, on average, at 2.6, and survey respondents carried e-readers the least (29pc).

When it comes to operating systems, Google’s Android nudged just ahead of Apple’s iOS as the most popular smartphone OS used by survey respondents, at 40.9pc and 40.5pc, respectively.


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic