How mobile technology is changing world travel (infographic)

4 May 2012

The travel industry will never be the same again, what with the advent of mobile technology making the choosing and booking of flights and hotels as easy and tapping a button. A new infographic packed with information provides an overview of the marriage of travel and mobile technology, and where it’s taking off to next.

The infographic published by My Destination on looks at several categories: mobile technology has changed forever, who has embraced mobile technology within the travel industry, travellers and mobile technology, who is leading the way with mobile and social technology, interesting and innovative sites for travellers, and the future.

Among interesting facts and figures on the infographic are the top 5 couchsurfing cities. In first place is New York, followed by Paris, London, Berlin and Istanbul. The US is No 1 out of the top 5 couchsurfing countries, followed by Germany, France, Canada and the UK.

Once travel arrangements are made and it’s time to catch a flight, 75pc of smartphone users connect their devices to a free airport Wi-Fi network so they can check flight information services, wait times at security checkpoints, time to reach departure gate and even airport parking.

By 2014, mobile internet usage should take over desktop internet usage, according to the infographic, and Google predicts 8pc of mobile users will be booking travel from their smartphones this year alone.

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