How to tune into what’s happening at Google I/O 2013

15 May 2013

Google’s annual developers conference, I/O, takes place in the Moscone Centre, San Francisco, California, today and tomorrow amid expectations of exciting new product and software launches. Here’s how you can follow I/O 2013 as it happens.

Live streaming of the event will be brought to you by Google Developers Live (GDL), which will turn the I/O 2013 homepage into a live-streaming hub from 5pm until 3am IST both today and tomorrow.

Streams won’t just cover the event keynotes but will offer four channels available for viewing on computers, tablets and phones. GDL has also promised exclusive interviews with the men and women behind the products announced, as well as sandbox walkthroughs, product unboxings and demos.

An I/O mobile app will feature updates from the GDL team in real-time, as will the Google Developers page on Google+. Users on either Google+ or Twitter can follow the event using the hashtag #io13.

Technical sessions from the two-day event will be recorded and posted to GDL’s website and the Google Developers YouTube channel.

Last year’s I/O event in June set the bar high with a dramatic unveiling of Project Glass that included a video showing users wearing the smart glasses while jumping out of a plane. We also got our first look at the Nexus 7 tablet and the lesser-spotted-since Nexus Q media hub, as well as the latest Android software and news of updates to a number of Google services.

I/O Extended events will also be happening at more than 400 sites in more than 90 countries. The Dublin event takes place at Google’s Dublin HQ on Barrow Street from 4.45pm to 8.30pm IST, and attendees will be treated to an early product reveal from I/O day two.

Elaine Burke is the host of For Tech’s Sake, a co-production from Silicon Republic and The HeadStuff Podcast Network. She was previously the editor of Silicon Republic.