HP refunds buyers who paid full whack for TouchPad and Pre3

12 Sep 2011

Computer giant HP is refunding buyers the difference for what they paid for the webOS-based TouchPad tablet computer and the Pre3 smartphone, which went on fire sale in recent weeks.

In recent weeks, HP revealed it plans to stop making personal computers and will also offload its webOS-based TouchPad and Pre3 business.

Within days, the TouchPad went on sale around the world for around stg£99, a price drop of around stg£600.

The devices sold out and HP said it would make a final batch, perhaps to appease contract manufacturers and suppliers who needed to clear their inventory.

The Pre3 smartphone also went on sale within days of the announcement for stg£49, a stg£250 price drop.

The news of the fire sales no doubt would have incensed any buyer unfortunate enough to have paid the full price for the devices.

HP to compensate TouchPad and Pre3 buyers

HP over the weekend posted a notice on its website offering the compensate consumers for the difference they paid for the devices: the HP TouchPad 16GB Wi-Fi device (the difference between purchase price and stg£89); the HP TouchPad 32GB Wi-Fi (the difference between purchase price and stg£115), the HP TouchPad 64GB Wi-Fi (the difference between purchase price and stg£159 and the HP Pre3 (the difference between purchase price and stg£69).

“Subject to the remainder of these terms and conditions, customers can claim the compensation amount on the qualifying HP products illustrated in the table below (the ‘Qualifying HP Products’) if their purchasing price was higher than the HP defined minimum price level and they have been activated/registered within their webOS account before 23rd of August 2011.

“HP employees purchasing the products during the EPP program will not be able to participate in this program. The offer is valid only in the UK and Northern Ireland for private end users and business customers,” HP said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years