HP Touchpad fire sale beginning in Ireland

22 Aug 2011

Harvey Norman today dropped the price of the HP Touchpad to €99 and has since sold out. PC World and Currys will drop the price tomorrow, but state that stock is low.

This weekend in the US, the HP Touchpad’s price dropped to US$99 in retailers across the country. The tablet sold out in numerous stores by the end of the weekend.

The sale seems to be spreading to Ireland today, as a Harvey Norman store representative said that it dropped the price of the 16GB model to €99 and has since sold their entire stock of the tablet across all of its stores.

A representative of Currys and PC World said on Boards.ie that the price of the Touchpad will drop to €99.99 from tomorrow morning, but warned that there is not a lot of stock available within their stores or warehouse. They will also not be taking a reservation list to avoid disappointing customers.

It could be worth keeping an eye on electrical retailers today, in case the price drops. If the US sales were anything to go by, the HP Touchpad could sell out fast once the price gets cut.

HP recently announced that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the Touchpad and webOS phones. The company said the devices have not met internal milestones and financial targets.

UPDATE: Engadget reports that Amazon.co.uk may drop the price of the HP Touchpad to stg£89 for the 16GB model and stg£115 for the 32GB model. No specific time was given for the price drop, so it could possibly happen either today or tomorrow.