HTC launches more compact mini 2 version of its One range

15 May 2014

The HTC One mini 2

Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC has launched its latest phone, the HTC One mini 2, in a bid to offer more options to consumers looking for a smaller-scale phone.

The biggest difference between the mini 2 and its larger brother is the more common 4.5-inch screen, which is aimed at making the phone more compact and comparable with its other competitors in the market, such as the iPhone 5s.

Otherwise, one of the other major differences is the 5MP front-facing camera that comes with all the features, timers and filters for the selfie-obsessed market, as well as the forward-facing 13MP camera that has been so highly regarded on the HTC One M8.

There’s even the ability to edit photos, as the HTC One mini 2 also features Touch Up, a program that allows the user to employ a whole range of editing techniques to make a picture suit his or her demands.

Some of the other more familiar features include the Blinkfeed app, which is HTC’s all-in-one feed for a user’s daily activities, news and interests, and which HTC has confirmed will become available on non-HTC Android phones in the near future.

The HTC One mini 2 will be available in Ireland in two colours – ‘glacial silver’ and ‘gunmetal grey’ – from 1 July on Vodafone, O2, Three and Carphone Warehouse. A price has yet to be announced.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic