IADT seminar to explore cyberpsychology

10 Jun 2011

A seminar on a new field of study, cyberpsychology, is taking place at the IADT, which will provide insights in what makes people behave the way they do online.

According to a survey conducted by parenting organisation Kidscape, 53.7pc of children between 11 and 18 years of age said they portray themselves at least somewhat differently online, in comparison to everyday life. 

Cyberpsychology attempts to explain why this dynamic exists, applying existing psychological concepts to online interaction. This could be useful to anyone thinking of setting up an online business or deciding to use social media as a marketing tool.

Topics that cyberpsychology examines include advertising, cyber crime, gaming, learning online, online consumer behaviour, virtual reality and other social aspects of online behaviour. It encompasses all psychological phenomena that are associated with or impacted by emerging technology.

The IADT’s summer school seminar is running 11-17 June 2011 at the college in Dun Laoghaire.

Highlights of the seminar will include two keynote speeches on immersive virtual environments and internet addiction. Workshops over research, online advertising and marketing, and advanced virtual reality will also take place.

Photo: Andrew Power, head of school, Creative Technologies at IADT; and Frederic Herrera of the IADT Media Cube Incubation Centre at the launch of cyber.psych 2011

Article courtesy of Bizstartup.ie