Imgur launches iOS app to help distract you in ever more ways

5 Mar 2015

Imgur webpage. Image via India7 Network on Flickr

Popular image- and gif-sharing website Imgur is launching a new app for iOS, and it looks pretty strange.

Imgur has already come out with apps in the past, but this new iteration is different.

Free to get, this makes “huge improvements to nearly everything about the mobile Imgur experience,” claims the company.

The app allows pretty much all you like about the website, with voting, favouriting, threading and commenting all made pretty easy – something “Imgurians” (yep) are hungry for.

It displays as blocks, which you scroll across and down when you find something worthy of spending your time on.

“Imgurians increasingly live on their mobile devices, and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to browse and discuss Imgur’s content wherever and whenever they want,” explains Alan Schaaf, Imgur’s founder and CEO.


This is what Imgur’s new app looks like, with three separate stills

Imgur has been fairly active of late, releasing ‘Video to Gif’ and pro accounts among its services.

“We’ve provided a number of tools to help Imgurians create great content for Imgur. Now we’re providing a great way to view that content on their most personal devices,” said Schaaf.

“While this release is purely focused on browsing and commenting, we’ll be providing tools to create great content on mobile in the future.”

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic