Is Instagram about to get two-step authentication?

17 Feb 2016

Instagram could be changing its log-in process for the better, via Instagram

Instagram looks set to initiate two-step authentication for users after testing models were spotted in the wild.

With more than 400m active monthly users, Instagram has expanded into one of the leading modes of social media, dominating the sharing of images online.

Through its ease of use, multiple filter options and sleek design it has grown to the stage that, if you were a hacker, you’d take particular aim at those that use it. A big audience, content that can be shared to a captive audience into the millions? It’s prime for abuse.

Not secure enough

However, up until now it has remained at the back of the class, dragging its heels while other services initiate more secure login mechanisms.

According to TechCrunch, though, that’s soon about to change. By using a phone number as a verified baseline, codes can be generated to log in with, much like certain online banking websites work.

With KBC, for example, while you can access your account on mobile, with it all verified up, gaining access on the web means you need a code generated through your mobile app, which lasts just long enough to log you in on a computer.

Instagram is forever tweaking its service, upgrading it with slivers of innovative tweaks and fixes. Late last year, for example, it brought in new 3D interactions, with viewing platforms and even Vine-like videos coming on stream in 2015, too.

‘Irresponsible’ Instagram

“Not having two-factor authentication was one thing when Instagram was a little upstart social app,” said Josh Constine on TechCrunch, “but it’s grown into one of the most popular social networks in the world.

“Officially lacking more safeguards had become downright irresponsible.”

It’s not live yet, not even nearly it seems, but the company is working on it in the background. So soon, one would hope, your Instagram account will become a little bit more secure.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic