New zoom feature for Instagram, though Android users must wait

1 Sep 2016

Instagram’s latest tweak to its popular image-sharing platform allows users to zoom in on images and videos, with the iOS release coming “weeks” ahead of Android.

Instagram users on iOS can now pinch and zoom in on images and videos on the service, after the company released a new feature to its growing audience.

The Android equivalent will follow, with zoom added to a growing number of features released by the company in the past year.

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It launched a new tool to allow businesses to capitalise on it, and their, popularity a few months back. Business Profiles is for accounts that want to be seen as a business on Instagram, adding in contact information, as well as unlocking insights and giving them the ability to promote posts.

3D touch was incorporated last Christmas, with one-minute videos also added to Instagram’s growing arsenal.


With 500m users of the service, Instagram recently released Stories, where photos and videos disappear after 24 hours and don’t appear in your profile.

The idea behind Stories is that they are easy to share with who you want, as well as easy to keep hidden from those you don’t want to see them. It is also to compete with Snapchat, it’s lesser-used rival.

There are also multiple aspect ratios and Instagram is even proving popular in surprising areas.

The company’s success is such that professional photographers have worked out ways to actually work via the app, with one sports photographer recently telling that his career has shifted significantly through his iPhone-only work at major events.

Main Instagram image via Natee Meepian/Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic