Intel benchmarks Cape Clear’s new software

23 Mar 2007

Irish software company Cape Clear’s technology has been benchmarked by Intel as capable of processing more than five million complex business processes and 37 million ordinary business processes within a 24-hour period, opening the company up to lucrative large-scale and mission-critical IT deployments.

The Intel benchmark study of Cape Clear 7 ran industry-standard business process execution language (BPEL) scenarios running on a network of up to eight CPU, dual-core Xeon processors.

Dublin-based firm Cape Clear, which was established by Iona co-founder Annrai O’Toole, last year secured US$15m in fourth-round venture capital funding and has secured high-profile deals with organisations like Channel 4, the Ohio Board of Regents and Italian broadcaster RAI.

According to the Intel study, Cape Clear 7 is capable of processing five million complex and long-running simultaneously active business processes and 37 million transactions in a 24-hour period without compromising performance.

Cape Clear claims this sets a new industry standard for meeting the needs of mission-critical, on-demand integration projects. The technology is currently deployed in a number of enterprises ranging from telecoms and media to government, manufacturing and energy.

“The ability to provide server affinity for complex BPEL processes by horizontally scaling Cape Clear across servers while reducing response times is a significant achievement,” commented Tony Grewal, project manager at Intel.

“This benchmarking study also demonstrates how off-the-shelf Intel-based hardware provides a powerful technical and economic solution for customers.”

The benchmark tests were run over a period of 10 days at the Intel Solution Centre at Winnersh, Berkshire, UK earlier this month.

“Large-scale BPEL deployments are a significant yet increasingly common challenge as enterprises deploy on-demand integration projects,” said David Clarke, senior vice-president of products at Cape Clear.

“These Intel benchmark results demonstrate that the Cape Clear 7 ESB Platform can easily meet the stringent uptime, reliability, scalability and performance requirements of these large, mission-critical projects.”

By John Kennedy