Intel shows off razor-thin netbook, in-vehicle tech

1 Jun 2010

Intel has spilled the beans on its razor-thin ‘Canoe Lake’ innovation platform, which is a 14-mm dual-core netbook, making it the world’s thinnest netbook.

This super skinny netbook, announced at Computex 2010 by David Perlmutter, executive vice-president and co-general manager, Intel Architecture Group, runs on Intel’s new mobile dual-core Pine Trail processor.

The Pine Trail processor was talked about in conjunction with the Oak Trail, a processor designed especially to work well on tablets and netbooks.

Talking about the Canoe Lake, Perlmutter said that not only is it 50pc thinner than any other consumer netbook on the market right now but it also runs cooler.

Perlmutter went on to talk about Intel’s other innovations, including the MeeGo operating system (headed up by both Intel and Nokia) as shown by Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci, who had it running on Acer tablets and netbooks powered by Atom processors.

But Intel has a lot more to talk about besides netbooks, notebooks and tablets – its core involvement in Google TV, which also involved Logitech and Sony as well as Google itself, is an important milestone whereby Intel is powering the next generation of connected smart TVs.

And as the MeeGo platform is designed to work across many devices, Intel also discussed its plans to develop a processor for Chinese carmaker HawTai Automobile for a future in-vehicle-infotainment platform.

“Intel believes the strength of the Atom franchise can help consumers realise the true potential for a common experience to enable the compute continuum,” said Perlmutter.

“With platforms ranging from compact and portable netbooks, to smart TV experiences and innovative tablets designs, Intel architecture is driving innovative products based on a unique ‘port of choice’ software strategy.”

By Marie Boran