Intel to introduce wireless PCs by 2016

5 Jun 2014

Codenamed Skylake, Intel’s latest project aims to completely eliminate cables of all forms from the laptop or PC including network connection, wireless charging and connectivity with nearby displays.

While many wireless technologies have developed over the years with the rapid movement towards the internet of things, much of the accompanying devices we use with computers still rely on cabling that can make some set-ups particularly cumbersome.

According to CNet, Intel’s new concept will be able to dock with a range of nearby equipment with a reported connection speed of 7Gbps across high-speed WiGig.

The technology was first revealed by the company’s PC Client Group and its senior vice president and general manager Kirk Skaugen who also showed off Rezenance, their wireless charging technology that can allow someone to install a charging point for multiple devices underneath a surface at a depth of two inches.

In their demonstration, Intel were able to show four devices being charged at once – a phone, laptop, tablet and headset and also confirmed that a number of computer manufacturers have signed up with Intel to join the Alliance 4 Wireless Power (A4WP) group including Panasonic Fujitsu, Lenovo Logitech and Dell.

Intel have penned Skylake’s release into the general market by the beginning of 2016.

Wireless charging image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic