Intel to provide the brains of next Google Glass model

1 Dec 2014

Intel will soon establish itself in the leading brand of smartglasses now that the chip maker is to provide the latest processor for Google Glass, replacing the existing one by Texas Technologies.

The Wall Street Journal reported that with this deal in place, Intel will look to roll out the devices in a number of different capacities, particularly healthcare and manufacturing.

Internet search giant Google has been actively pursuing these markets as part of its Glass at Work programme, which saw the company work with software developers to create usable platforms for different sectors to use with their work.

Future Human

While the smartglasses have undergone a small rollout in beta testing and limited-edition early models, Google Glass, which first debuted in 2012, is yet to be offered as a consumer product.

Despite this, early warning signs of the project’s future have been seen with Google quietly shutting down its four stores that were created to aid early Google Glass users in using their new device.

Google still remains active in developing the hardware, however, with 300 staff working on the device at any one time.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Kevin Spain, general partner of venture-capital firm Emergence Capital Partners and investor in one of the software companies who work with Google, said it shows a brighter future for the wearables industry by saying it’s “a positive signal, not just about Glass, but about the wearable category generally.”

Google Glass image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic