iOS 8.3, 8.4, 9.0 – CarPlay, streaming music and loads of emojis

10 Feb 2015

Consumer tech behemoth Apple has seeded iOS 8.3 to developers, who have uncovered a raft of new elements to Apple’s operating system. But iOS 8.4 and even 9.0 rumours continue to sound good.

CarPlay, a service that allows you to hook your iPhone up to your car, wirelessly, and do all kinds of stuff, is certainly in the frame for iOS 8.3, with a raft of new emojis also on the way.

A wired CarPlay implementation was released late last year, getting glowing reviews about its design and Apple-created displays that appear when your phone connects to your vehicle.

“Once the two are paired, all kinds of magic ensues,” explained ForbesAntony Leather in November. “Firstly, the head unit will display its own version of iOS, which has been designed by Apple itself, complete with icons and even Siri support. The key thing here is that the iPhone is in control.”

Logical step

Adding a wireless element to this is a logical step, however, it’s unclear just what cars will be able to utilise such a service. iOS 8.3 will also bring easier Google login functionality, as well as a new emoji picker that allows you to jump between options more easily.

Meanwhile, iOS 8.4 is being worked on, according to 9to5mac. Due out after the Apple Watch, the stand-out element apparently being incorporated into this is a Beats-based streaming service. That’s something that will go down very well with CarPlay, one would suspect.

“Of course,” explains 9to5mac, “these plans could change and the iOS 8.4 feature set could be roped into iOS 9.”

That would seem more logical as iOS 9 is due out later this year, and it has previously been reported that Apple’s first streaming partnership would come into play for that launch.

Woman using iPhone 6 image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic