iOS 9.0.1 released to fix upgrade freeze and other issues

24 Sep 2015

Just a week after iOS 9 launched, iOS 9.0.1 has launched to fix some of the bugs that have been found on iOS 9, which for owners of older phones included the ‘slide to upgrade’ action freezing their screens.

While immediate updates to iOS updates is by no means a new endeavour for Apple, there had been grumblings among some owners of the older iPhones from the iPhone 5s and older who had found a number of issues with iOS 9 that are reportedly now fixed with iOS 9.0.1.

Owners of the iPhone 6, however, did not appear to have the same issues.

According to Computer World, one of the issues was an apparent freezing or unresponsiveness found when trying to ‘slide to upgrade’, which is a required function during an iOS update.

This then forced people to try rebooting their phone and begin the process again in the hope of forcing it through.

Having been made aware of the issue, Apple asked customers to try installing iOS 9 through iTunes on a Mac or PC, which has typically not won them many fans among mobile-only users.

Another issue that did not receive much press but had affected a number of iOS 9 users was something quite important in this day and age, that being, sometimes a person’s alarm or timer not going off when they wanted it to.

Another bug that was likely to affect many users related to an issue where something in Apple’s browser Safari and Photos meant pausing a video could create a distorted frame.

So far, just over half of all iPhone owners had taken the step to update to iOS 9, which the company said was its highest ever rate of adoption a week after an iOS’s launch.

iOS 9 screen image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic