iOS is the dominant smartphone operating system in Ireland

18 Mar 2015

While 56pc of Irish people are toting smartphones, new research from Millennial Media shows the Irish are bucking a European trend with 55pc of smartphone owners using Apple’s iOS and 45pc are using Android.

This contrasts with the EMEA picture whereby 32pc of smartphone users are on iOS versus 63pc on Android.

Currently 56pc of the population carry smartphones and this is predicted to rise to 69pc of the population by 2018, according to the Millennial Media research.

The top manufacturer of smartphones in Ireland is unsurprisingly Apple (54pc) followed by Samsung (26pc), Sony (4pc), HTC (4pc) and Asus (1pc).

While iOS represents 55pc of operating systems on smart devices, BlackBerry has plummeted to zero percent while Windows barely registered with a percentage point.

Productivity and tools topped the app categories in Ireland, followed by games, music and entertainment, education and automotive.

iPhone 6 image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years