iPad 3 could include LTE, quad-core chip and high-def screen – report

16 Jan 2012

The iPad 2

The next iPad could include LTE connectivity, a quad-core processor and a high-definition screen, according to reports.

Bloomberg, citing “three people familiar with the product,” reports that Apple is making the iPad 3 compatible with high-speed long-term evolution (LTE) networks, which are currently enabled in countries such as the US and Australia.

It claims Apple will bring LTE to the iPad before the iPhone as the tablet’s battery is larger and can support the power requirements for the technology.

Sources also say the next iPad could include a quad-core chip and other enhancements to allow users to multitask between apps much faster. Videos could begin playing “almost instantly” due to extra graphics processing.

The report also says the new iPad’s display will include more pixels than some high-definition screens. The sources claim the pixels are small enough to make images “look like printed material.”

Apple’s manufacturing partners have reportedly upped production of the next iPad this month, aiming to reach full volumes by February for a March release. This would be in line with the iPad 2, which was launched in March of 2011.

The company is well-known for being secretive about its next product launches. It normally announces a press conference for them within a week before they launch, though rumours about new features are reported months in advance. Of course, nothing is certain until Apple reveals the new iPad, which is expected to happen sometime in spring.