iPad 3 won’t be launched in 2011 – component makers

12 Apr 2011

Upstream iPad component makers have reportedly dismissed rumours that the iPad 3 will be released this year, saying they have not received notice for a third iPad due out in 2011.

Previous rumours stated Apple could be releasing the third iPad this year. Some suggested the third iPad would be launched six months after the iPad 2, breaking away from Apple’s tradition of upgrading their product line annually.

The rumoured iPad 3 was said to have a Retina display and may be a “tweener” device, measuring somewhere between a larger iPod touch and a smaller iPad.

However, component makers told DigiTimes they believed these rumours are just “wishful thinking.”

They said they have not received notice on the iPad 3 and don’t believe the iPad 2 is a transitional product. They also point out Apple have a strong shipment order forecast for the iPad 2 and that releasing the third one so soon would cut into that.


Another argument against an imminent iPad 3 release is the fact the technology for a high-resolution display won’t be ready for a 2011 launch, according to the component makers.

The touch panel makers stated that Apple has asked them to provide products with improved image quality.

At the moment, however, this project is still in its planning stage, so actual tablets with this improved display won’t appear in 2011.

Another obstacle impacting a higher-resolution iPad is Apple’s competition with Samsung. While the company is apparently interested in choosing an AMOLED panel for its next tablet, it is wary of taking it up as the technology is being controlled by Samsung.