iPad owners older and richer, survey says

17 Feb 2012

The iPad 2

Owners of Apple’s iPad tablet computer are older and richer than owners of other tablet devices, a study from NPD Group suggests.

Of survey respondents who have an income of US$100,000 or more, 40pc owned iPads, whereas 26pc of respondents owned other types of tablets.

Consumers who were buying tablets toward the end of last year were 50pc more likely to have an income less than US$45,000, while 33pc were more likely to be under 34 years old, CNET reported.

However, tablets may not be enough for these consumers.

Just 10pc of the survey respondents who own tablets said they don’t need a laptop, and 18pc of those who don’t own a tablet said they plan to buy one this year. Twenty-six per cent of survey respondents said they plan to buy a laptop.