iPad rivals could be more successful in Europe – research

10 Aug 2011

iPad rivals could stand a better chance in Europe than in the US, but will need to drop their prices quickly to succeed, IT research firm Forrester says.

Reuters reports that because Apple has a relatively small retail presence in Europe – with 52 stores on the continent compared to 238 in the US – it could give its Android rivals, such as Samsung and Motorola, more space to compete.

However, Forrester believes that more expensive prices from Android tablets cannot compete with Apple’s more established tablet and claims tablet makers from China could offer cheaper options to gain this market.

Forrester also said iPad rivals need local content and availability in good retail outlets to stand out.

Regardless, Apple will still have a strong lead. Forrester still expects Apple to sell 70pc of all consumer tablets in Europe, compared to 80pc in the US.

It believes that worldwide tablet sales in 2011 will hit 48m units, with 50pc sold in the US, 30pc in Europe, 15pc in Asia and 5pc in Latin America.