iPhone 4 case features stun gun and battery pack

19 Jul 2012

Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case. Image via Yellow Jacket

A new iPhone 4 case that comes with a built-in stun gun and battery pack is to let users help themselves instead of calling for help should they ever be faced with an attacker.

Company Yellow Jacket is calling its gadget the “world’s first iPhone 4 stun gun case”. The case contains a 650,000-volt stun gun and is capable of fuelling a phone with up to 20 hours of additional standby battery, the company said.

“We have designed our iPhone 4 stun gun case to be easily deployable with one hand. In less than two seconds, both safety mechanisms can be deactivated and the Yellow Jacket stun gun is ready for action. Compare this to a regular stun gun which can take five to 10 seconds to find and deploy,” Yellow Jacket stated on its website.

The Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case weighs about 4 ounces is about 1 inch thick. The case adds three-eighths of an inch to the iPhone in terms of height, but it keeps the width of the phone as is.

Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case

Image via Yellow Jacket

To help ensure maximum safety, the case features a safety switch and a rotating electrode cap, both intended to prevent accidental discharge, Yellow Jacket said.

“In less than a second, a user can disable these safety mechanisms by moving the switch forward, rotating the cap downward and then be ready to press the activation button to fire the electrodes and be prepared to confront an assailant.”

The Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case can be pre-ordered now, and is to retail in early September for US$125.

Yellow Jacket said that following the launch of the iPhone 4 model, it will develop, produce and sell the stun gun with battery pack cases for HTC Evo, Samsung Galaxy, and the next version of the iPhone, when that is released.

The company also advises potential customers to please check local laws pertaining to the possession of stun guns before purchasing its device.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic