iPhone 5 and iPad Mini spark web search frenzy

22 Aug 2012

Compared with the lead-up to the iPhone 4S web surfers are even more insatiable in their appetite for news and rumours surrounding the expected iPhone 5 smartphone and iPad Mini tablet computer.

According to Experian Hitwise search variations around “iPhone 5” have been steadily increasing since the beginning of 2012 and peaked the week of August 18 when searches grew 128pc from the previous week as speculation around the next generation iPhone reached a fever pitch.

In the week leading up to the most recent “iPhone 5” search peak, some new search terms emerged including “leaked iPhone 5” which primarily sent traffic to the MSNBC Technology Blog as a result of the site posting photos of the alleged new device.  Other popular search term variations were around the release date, including searches on when wireless carrier Sprint will sell the next generation iPhone, along with queries around features and specs, rumors and price.

Among the top websites receiving traffic from “iPhone 5” searches the week ending August 18 were Yahoo! News and Yahoo!, both of which experienced significant increases in search clicks from these terms week over week (+162pc and 772pc, respectively).

iPhone5Release.org, a site devoted exclusively to news on the next generation device, was among the top five sites receiving traffic from “iPhone 5” terms and also experienced a large increase in search clicks over the past week (+402pc).

It’s rumored that Apple will announce the new iPhone on September 12, when a smaller version of the iPad may also be revealed. 

Searches on the “iPad mini” increased dramatically the week of April 21, 2012 when a Chinese website reported on an expected third quarter release of the mini Apple tablet. Searches for “iPad mini” were on the rise again in early July as numerous websites reported information on Apple’s strategy around the device.

Walmart was the top recipient of traffic from “iPad mini” searches in the 12 weeks ending August 18th, receiving nearly 10pc of downstream search clicks. 



John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years