iPhone 5 may not include NFC technology

14 Mar 2011

Apple will not include NFC technology in the upcoming iPhone 5 due to a lack of universal standards for it, reports say.

According to The Independent, sources at many of the UK’s largest mobile operators have said Apple will not implement near field communication technology onto iPhone 5 devices.

This is because of a “lack of a clear standard across the industry.” Any NFC device from Apple would be seen next year, as a result.

Apple may be working on its own NFC proposition, however, which could sync payments with iTunes.

Google’s Nexus S phone has been equipped with NFC technology and many other Android devices are set to follow soon, such as the Samsung Galaxy S II, which will have it as an optional feature.


The widespread implementation of NFC technology in phones could lead the way for mobile payments.

NFC uses short-range, high-frequency wireless technology to enable the encrypted exchange of information between devices at a short distance. This can be used to pay for products by waving a mobile phone close to a scanner.

If Apple decides not to include it in the new iPhone, it could push back the mainstream use of this function.