iPhone 6S image leaks, looks the same as the 6

1 Jul 2015

Last year's iPhone 6, image by Luke Maxwell

Apple’s iPhone 6S has already been the source of quite some discussion online, given the interest around how much of the iPhone 6 and Plus designs will remain.

It seems pretty much all of the 2014 design will stay, which, given the immense popularity of the iPhone 6, is understandable.

Images leaked to 9to5 Mac appear to show an identical frame for the new devices, with the only change of note being a different internal mounting structure.

iPhone 6S specs

There will be no dual-lens camera – which was long rumoured to be in the device – according to these images, and the connector, speaker and microphone ports are identical.

9to5 Mac claims, though, that it will present a vastly different interior of the upcoming device in the coming days.

iPhone 6S specs

Some of the images found on 9to5mac

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic