iPhone 7 could ditch 16GB minimum storage for 32GB

6 Jul 2016

It seems that Apple is coming to terms with the reality of the modern smartphone, as new reports suggest the iPhone 7 will ditch the 16GB of minimum hard-drive space in favour of 32GB.

While no official details have been released about the upcoming iPhone 7, you can rest assured it’s happening, given Apple’s predictability when it comes to its phones, but the latest news reveals a decision seemingly born out of necessity rather than change for the sake of change.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the iPhone 7 will be ditching the 16GB minimum of hard-drive space on its cheapest flagship phone model in favour of the beefier 32GB.

Aside from technically making the cheapest iPhone that bit better, this decision would be a necessity given the numerous complaints about iPhones in recent years from customers regarding storage.

Those of you who don’t fall into the category of iPhone owner who feels obliged to buy each new model when it’s released will know that, after two or three years, each iOS update becomes more frustrating because of ever-dwindling storage space.

16GB just doesn’t cut it

Add to that the likelihood of the iPhone 7 recording video in 4K quality and other high-quality media files, which all adds up, even if Apple wants you to upload much of this to the iCloud.

Of course, the availability of a 16GB iPhone hasn’t been without accusations that it’s just a ploy for you to stump up extra cash to buy a phone with greater storage.

Apple’s latest phone for example, the iPhone SE, has two storage options – the 16GB or 64GB versions – that are only €100 apart in terms of price, so, it’s likely many customers would plump for the phone with more storage.

Given this news has supposedly come from a source within Apple, there’s a strong possibility that 32GB will be the minimum from now on, which should come as welcome news to those holding out for Apple’s latest phone.

iPhones image via Leszek Kobusinski/Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic