iPhone addiction a growing problem?

10 Mar 2010

A recent study by Stanford students has revealed a very worrying rise in iPhone addiction, highlighting impulsive behaviour inspired by Apple’s celebrated iPhone.

In a survey of 20 students with iPhones, 69pc reported that they likely forget their wallet before forgetting their phone.

On a scale of addiction to the iPhone from 1 to 5, 10pc reported themselves a 5, or fully addicted, 34pc reported a level 4 addiction and just 6pc said they were not addicted at all.

Of those who had not reached a level 5 addiction, 32pc were concerned that they would become addicted in the future.

Among those surveyed: 41pc said losing their iPhone would be “a tragedy”, 30pc called the machine their “doorway into the world” and 15pc reported that their iPhone was turning them into a media addict.

A quarter described the device as “dangerously alluring”, 7pc reported having a roommate or significant other who felt neglected due to iPhone involvement and 3pc had named their iPhone.

By John Kennedy

Photo: The Apple iPhone

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years