iPhone to get direct podcast downloads?

29 Oct 2008

Remember when the Podcaster application was refused by Apple for the App Store and we all sighed and resigned ourselves to downloading directly to the PC or Mac and transferring across to the iPhone?

According to rumours circulating around the future iPhone 2.2 firmware update, Apple has now included the ability to directly download podcast episodes.

According to Wired.com details are leaking out showing a screenshot with the option ‘get more episodes’, which would indication that individual podcast episodes can be downloaded straight to the iPhone handset.

Another much-talked about addition to the future firmware update includes a refresh of Google Maps to include Street View, but of course we don’t have this in Ireland yet. You will know when you see a shiny black Google Car mounted with cameras motoring around our streets.

This update is also said to include public transport and walking directions with the ability to email your location to your buddies.

By Marie Boran

Pictured:is this the new direct podcasting functionality for the iPhone?