Ireland is an Android haven as iOS suffers drop, but Apple still shines

11 Aug 2015

Smartphones on Android and iOS, via Connor McKenna

Irish mobile phone consumers are swaying towards Android devices, despite the release of Apple’s iPhone 6, with iOS consumption dropping on this time last year.

Data compiled by StatCounter shows that 55pc of Irish people are on Android (up from 48pc this time last year), with iOS dropping from 46.5pc to a lowly 41pc.

These figures are fairly representative, actually, with our office split roughly down the middle between users of both operating systems (plus a Windows phone).

The availability of lower-end Android devices powers this trend, no doubt, with first-time mobile users highly likely to go for a budget option initially.

Android v iOS

That, of course, doesn’t tell the whole story. iOS is the sole domain of Apple, with Android operating systems littered throughout manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei and Motorola.

That means Apple, and Apple alone, represents 41pc of all smartphones in the country and, considering the premium price point and lengthy margins the Cupertino company enjoys, that means plenty of profit for Apple.

Apple share | Android v iOS

Oddly, in March this year iOS peaked at a massive 56pc of the whole market, which seems ludicrous considering Android’s vast array of providers.

The only reason we can think of for this monthly anomaly is that plenty of Android operators were announcing their new devices at Mobile World Congress, but they didn’t hit Irish shores for another month, meaning Apple may have had a pretty clear run at the market for a series of weeks.

But, either way, it’s slightly more positive news for Samsung, creeping above the 30pc of the whole market at the expense of Apple, which was as high as 50pc a few months back.

With tablets, iOS is incredibly dominant, clocking up almost 75pc of the whole market.

It’s a stark difference in comparison to the desktop market, where OS is just under 14pc, however, again, considering Apple’s profitability, this, too, can be seen in a positive light for the company.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic