Ireland Apple Watch launch date confirmed for 25 September

21 Sep 2015

With no fanfare, Apple has revealed that from 25 September people here in Ireland can order the Apple Watch through its Irish site.

It has taken six months for Apple’s gaze to finally turn to Irish shores, but those who have been waiting to hear the Apple Watch’s Irish launch date can rest a bit easier knowing it’s actually on the way now.

If you hadn’t heard, it’s certainly not just you, as Apple has not made an announcement to say that it has become available, but has rather just left up a small date stamp revealing it will launch 25 September.

Although, what it does reveal now is how much of your hard-earned euro it will cost you to pick up one of the three models of Apple Watch.

Starting with the Apple Watch Sport, the cheapest of the three models, the 38mm-screen Apple Watch Sport will set you back €429 while the 42mm (including the coveted rose gold version) will cost €479.

This, of course, does not include the myriad of different straps that will ramp up the prize depending on the material, which will soon include those designed by Hermès.

Other nations soon to follow

The middle-range Apple Watch begins to enter the eye-watering numbers, with the 38mm coming in at €679 while the 42mm screen will cost €729.

And, finally, those in Ireland with a lot of disposable cash can pick up the Apple Watch Edition 38mm version for the bargain price of €11,300, while the 42mm is just €13,300.

At least future Irish owners won’t have to wait around too long for the watch’s operating system to be updated given that Apple announced that the launch of watchOS 2 was delayed.

It’s a rare occasion when Ireland is included in one of the first batch of countries to get a new product as, along with ourselves, Denmark and Austria will also be able to order the Apple Watch from 25 September.

It is now expected in the coming weeks that selected retailers in the UK, Germany and Australia will follow us and offer the Apple Watch as well as part of its gradual international rollout.

Apple Watch web portal image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic