Ireland has no plans to introduce charged phones for flights … yet

9 Jul 2014

With news the UK is to introduce a requirement that all mobile devices be charged and ready to turn on by inspection at airport security, the Irish Government has said no requirement is to be implemented in Ireland.

In an email from the Department of Transport, a spokesperson told this does not mean, however, that a similar action couldn’t be taken in the foreseeable future, in line with regular changes to security policy.

The department has engaged in discussions with the EU Commission and the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) about the restrictions.

“While the department does not currently envisage any changes in existing pre-clearance security procedure, the security at Irish airports is subject to continuous review and passengers travelling to the US from Ireland will be kept informed in advance of any further requirements,” read the email.

The UK issued a statement yesterday describing the new security measure, soon after the TSA, responsible for air travel security, issued its identical version of the requirement.

The Department of Transport has also confirmed that as a pre-clearance check exists in both Dublin and Shannon airports, “passengers travelling to the US from Ireland will experience no change in the security measures over and above those already in place at the US pre-clearance screening facilities at these airports.”

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic