Ireland’s tech sector celebrates Design Week

20 Oct 2009

A recent report on the digital media sector from the NDRC (National Digital Research Centre) and the Clarity Research Centre estimates that there are in the region of 140 companies here in Ireland that fall into this category.

With so many Irish companies in the areas of interactive media, new media and web design, Refresh Dublin is holding an event in association with Design Week 2009 taking a look at the digital media state of play in Ireland with talks from web designers, web developers and iPhone app developers.

Speakers include the award-winning web designer Sabrina Dent and Mercury Girl Inc, the company behind the Today FM and Newstalk radio player iPhone apps.

There will also be a talk on interactive installation design and development by the Playhouse Dublin team, whose Liberty Hall installation ran from 24 September to 11 October, illuminating the Dublin city skyline with quirky animations, including Tetris.

Refresh Dublin will be held on Thursday, 29 October, at 6pm at the Trinity Science Gallery and tickets are on sale here later today.

By Marie Boran