iRing, Apple’s latest superfluous wearable

12 Oct 2015

Apple has patented its plans for a new wearable device called an Apple Ring that could be gesture controlled with a camera, mic, a tiny touchscreen and wireless charging when in an Apple car. Basically, an iRing.

It’s only natural that an iRing is invented. Think about it, when you look around the office how many people do you see with Apple devices wrapped around their finger?

That’s right, none. And that needs to change, fast.

Step forward the iRing, which, according to Apple, could be used with a smart TV, be wirelessly charged in your car via a smart steering wheel, control a mouse cursor on a screen or, even, seriously, steer a car.

“The use of touch-sensitive surfaces as input devices for computers and other electronic computing devices has increased significantly in recent years,” according to Apple, which notes that some of modern technologies are “cumbersome, inconvenient or inefficient”.

“Accordingly, there is a need for electronic devices with faster, more efficient methods and interfaces for interacting and/or controlling external electronic devices.”

iRing - Apple Ring

As it’s a wearable, it will also do things like monitor your heart rate, track your sleep etc. Most of its functionality appears to mirror that of the Apple Watch.

It will surely send and receive notifications so, without leaping too far ahead of ourselves, a WhatsApp message will buzz and beep on your phone, buzz and beep on your wrist and buzz and beep on your finger.

There is no escape.

Main image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic