Irish eyes are cringing as leprechaun sales jump 49pc on eBay

15 Mar 2011

eBay is reporting a huge surge in sales of Irish paraphernalia as people worldwide gear up to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Sales of green items alone are skyrocketing by 39pc in the lead up to Thursday, with more than 24 pieces being snapped up per minute.

“St Patrick’s Day is arguably one of the world’s most popular celebrations, so it comes as no surprise to see that St Patrick’s sales have shot up 65pc in the last two months alone, with nearly one item sold every minute,” said Patrick Munden of eBay.

Among the stats eBay put out today:

·         Irish flags are flying, with sales increasing by 71pc

·         Glasses will be raised, with Guinness pint glasses selling 75pc more than before

·         Love must be in the air, as Claddagh ring sales have shot up by 28pc

·         Sales of red curly wigs have grown by a hair raising 15pc

·         Lasting the test of time, ‘Riverdance’ items are proving to be twice as popular as ‘Lord of the Dance’

·         St Patrick’s Day bunting has shot up by 53pc

·         Shamrocks are being snapped up at a rate of 16pc more than usual, with one being bought every two minutes

·         Leprechaun pieces are on offer from as little as €1.15, with sales increasing by 49pc

·         Elsewhere, rainbows must be cropping up all over, as sales of pots of gold have popped up by 55pc

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years