Irish start-up Emeraz creates new ‘Personal Song Coach’ for music-makers

2 Aug 2013

The Emeraz team: Stephen Brett, CEO; Maria Arriaza, CMO; John Casey, digital marketing/editor; Maret Eiland; COO; and Mark Biddulph, web/graphic designer Just this past Monday, the start-up clocked up its 10,000th member on the Emeraz platform, the Irish-born website to connect people in the music industry, has added a new feature to its online portfolio for music creators. Personal Song Coach is a new service that the start-up has designed to allow music-makers upload new tracks and get constructive feedback from professionals in their music genre. first reported on Emeraz in September of last year, when the Dublin start-up was featured as our tech start-up of the week.

The Emeraz platform was initially spawned in 2010, but pivoted and its new online version came to fruition last September. Around 20 people have been involved in getting the start-up off the ground. Just this week, the plaform broke new ground – reaching 10,000 members.

The idea of Emeraz is to help musicians – especially emerging artists – to network, pitch songs to artists and producers and get industry feedback.

Game-changer for nascent musicians?

So what is the latest add-on service all about? Personal Song Coach will “inspire” a new level of creativity in music creators, according to Stephen Brett, founder of

He describes it as the world’s first service to allow music creators to upload their track and ask professionals how to improve any element of their song.

Within 14 days, such melody makers will receive a 10-minute audio recording of a music expert talking about their track and offering their opinion on how it can be improved upon.

Music creators can listen to samples of the service directly on the service page. Brett says it’s a fast and easy way to take one’s song to the next level and get it heard from those in the know in the music industry.

“I’m a songwriter, musician and producer myself and have been recording music for years. I can’t tell you how many times I needed advice from someone who could listen objectively and give me an opinion” said Brett, founder of Emeraz.

Personal Song Coach

Songwriters and producers Tim Hawes and Obi Mhondera are part of Zebra1, the team that will be offering their help to inspire music creators. Between them, Mhondera and Hawes have sold more than 20m records worldwide.

“Personal Song Coach was created to solve a problem I had over and over again. Having the experience of guys like Tim and Obi at my disposal whenever I needed help would have saved me so much time and helped me learn much faster. I will be using this service a lot” explained Brett.

He said that Emeraz’s ultimate vision is to become the leading online platform that connects and empowers creative people in music.

Songwriters and producers Obi Mhondera and Tim Hawes, who are involved in

Songwriters and producers Obi Mhondera and Tim Hawes, who are involved in

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic