Is Microsoft’s Xbox One coming to market on 8 November?

27 Aug 2013

New rumours suggest that Microsoft may get its next-generation video games console Xbox One to market on 8 November, ahead of Sony, which has announced its PlayStation 4 will become available in the US on 15 November and globally on 29 November.

According to gaming site Kotaku, quoting informed sources in the retail signage business, Microsoft is planning an 8 November release for its next console.

The source is understood to be responsible for retail signage for stores such as Walmart in the US and is based on a conference call that mentioned the midnight openings planned in the next few months, with Microsoft pegged for 8 November, a Friday.

Future Human

The year 2014 should see an escalation in the console wars, with both Sony and Microsoft trying to win the hearts, minds and dollars of dedicated gamers through advanced technology, graphics and social media sharing capabilities.

Last week, Sony confirmed the release dates for the next-generation PlayStation 4, which will arrive in 32 countries at launch, hitting the US first and then followed by Europe on 29 November.

More than 1m pre-orders have already been received for the €399 PlayStation 4 console, which costs €100 less than its chief rival, the Xbox One.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years