Is social media bad for your phone? (infographic)

18 Mar 2013

Social media is really worse for your wallet and mental health than it is for your phone, judging from a new infographic.

Social media’s impact on your wallet has to do with the data usage your phone gobbles up, and the cost of that data usage. Mentally, social media distractions can slow reaction time and can leave users feeling emotionally drained, the infographic by electronics retailer LiGo shows.

The infographic, however, does offers tips on how to save money and your sanity. For example, disable push notifications so you’re in control of when you access social media and in order to eliminate distractions, and disable automatic app updates. If you receive 10 app updates a month, this would equal to about 60MB. Update over Wi-Fi instead, the infographic suggests.


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic