ISDN opening venue for software developer meetups – TCube

17 Apr 2012

Richard Rodger, CTO of technology startup NearForm at TCube

The Irish Software Developers’ Network (ISDN) is opening TCube, a dedicated meeting place for groups of up to 50 software professionals. It will also offer three months of free membership to its network at the Dublin Web Summit launch this evening.

The network for the Irish software industry has run software-focused events since 2001 from representatives from companies such as Oracle, Microsoft and Red Hat. It aims to help software developers network and learn new skills and will make TCube a big part of this goal.

TCube was named after ISDN’s Technology Talk Tonight series and is located in the Phoenix House on Castle Street, Dublin. It aims to offer a location for developers to attend specialist software presentations and offers live streaming for those who cannot attend.

It was created in response to the cost of hiring venues, particularly regarding bar and restaurant costs, according to Wannita Phanchana, community leader for the ISDN.

“In recent times, hotels and conference centres have had to cut their charges significantly as they fight for business but unfortunately event organisers and delegates have remained at the mercy of bar and restaurant prices for refreshments,” she said.

“For many people, spending €10 or €20 on drinks is simply prohibitive, and at a time when most companies have cut back on supporting initiatives like ours, running events in outside locations simply became unviable,” she said.

As a result, TCube avoids the major bar bill, driving down the cost of running an event.

“Already we have held some great night-time events in the way we wanted, and through partnership deals with companies like ESET, Safetica and A People Recruitment, we can provide our members with cutting-edge presentations and keep them fed and watered for free,” said Phanchana.

The ISDN is also giving visitors at the Dublin Web Summit launch free membership for three months, as well as the chance to win a Motorola DEFY device.