Jelly Bean still by far the most common Android OS

13 Aug 2014

Despite showing a larger number of users, the Android operating system (OS) Kit Kat still lags considerably behind its previous incarnation Jelly Bean, which has 54.2pc of the marketshare.

Meanwhile, Kit Kat has surpassed its previous showings of 17.9pc last month and is now on 20.9pc of Android phones, according to the Android developers’ official figures.

Indicating the considerable rate of change in Android, last June Kit Kat’s userbase only equalled 13pc.

The growth in its use will no doubt be attributed to the roll out of the latest series of in-demand Android devices, including the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5, and yet since its launch back in October, has failed to be picked up as quickly as Google would have hoped.

Blame can also be placed on Android’s ability to roll out updates to devices with in almost all cases the impetus to update is placed solely on the mobile phone manufacturers which can lead to staggered updates that seemingly show no pattern.

As a result, the earliest edition of Jelly Bean, 4.1.x, still retains its spot as the most used version of the OS, coming in at 26.5pc followed by 4.2.x (19.8pc) and 4.3 (7.9pc).

Android phone image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic