Kindle coming to Mac and BlackBerry

18 Dec 2009

Amazon’s Kindle e-book platform, which has already been released as an app for the Apple iPhone, is also arriving soon on both RIM’s BlackBerry smart phone and the Mac, too.

While Amazon hasn’t yet made an official announcement, both the Mac and BlackBerry are listed as “coming soon” on the Kindle page, alongside the already available iPhone and PC versions.

The Kindle e-book platform, which allows users to purchase and download books in digital format from the online store, originally was housed only on the portable and wireless Kindle e-book device.

Earlier this year, in March 2009, the iPhone app was made available. This allows iPhone users to browse for, download wirelessly and add books onto their handset or even send wirelessly to their PC or Kindle device itself plus sync previous content already on your Kindle.

However, the Kindle iPhone app is limited in its functionality in that it does not allow the user to access magazine and newspaper subscriptions or blogs, so presumably the BlackBerry app that will be available in 2010 through RIM’s App World will have similar features and constraints.

By Marie Boran