Kindle update incorporates Facebook and Twitter

4 May 2010

Social networking will be woven into how Kindle owners use their e-book devices, as the next software update from Amazon brings both Facebook and Twitter functionality.

Although the software update 2.5 for both the Kindle and the Kindle DX does not roll out to the general public until the end of May, a select group of users currently have access to this refresh, which includes the ability to tweet or via Facebook post passages from Kindle books.

The software update also includes improvements, including the ability to zoom and pan PDF files, secure the device with password protection and organise books and documents into collections, making it easier to browse and find from a large collection.

One of the smallest but perhaps most significant updates to the Kindle software is the addition of larger and sharper fonts because while Kindle is simply a monochrome e-book reader with no video or other functionality to compete with the iPad or HP Slate, it does have the advantage of being a simple ‘does what it says on the tin’ piece of technology with an easy to read e-ink display and improving on this is what will keep book lovers choosing this over a more tricked out tablet device.

By Marie Boran

Photo: The Kindle e-book reader