Knowledge economy as Apple pushes e-learning via iTunes

26 Mar 2009136 Views

Apple is driving a new business that intends to cash in on humanity’s thirst for knowledge. Everything from museum tours to college lectures is now available on a new service called iTunes U.

Apple is throwing its weight behind the new service, which it is hoping will make iTunes a top destination for knowledge, as well as music, podcasts and videos.

The company is basically aiming to make iTunes a great place to entertain the brain.

According to an email from Apple this morning, iTunes U in the iTunes store offers free audio and video content from top universities, famous museum and other cultural institutions.

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“So whether you want to learn from the world’s leading thinkers, get a sneak peek at an upcoming exhibition or simply brush up on your Spanish, iTunes U makes it easy,” the email read.

To check out the new service explore iTunes U.

By John Kennedy