Launch of Google’s Nexus Q delayed

1 Aug 2012

Apparently Google feels the Nexus Q, the spherical Android-powered hub that interacts with other Android devices to stream movies and music to home-entertainment systems, isn’t quite ready for public consumption, taking the decision to delay the launch in order to make some improvements.

The Nexus Q, which was unveiled earlier this year at Google I/O, was originally expected to start shipping in July. But we’re now at the beginning of August and the device is no longer available to order on Google Play.

Pre-order customers won’t be disappointed, though, as Google has decided to give them all the current unmodified version of the device for free, the same device that was distributed to attendees at the conference. In an email to these customers, Google wrote that the initial feedback on the device from developers has been that it should do more, adding, “In response, we have decided to postpone the consumer launch of Nexus Q while we work on making it even better.”

The changes proposed to the device are likely to be software-based, meaning these customers may be able to upgrade easily at a later date.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic