LG gets ARMed for future of TV

22 Jun 2009

A new deal with technology firm ARM will see LG developing digital television sets with the processing power to provide high-definition visuals, as well as the interactive Web 2.0 services increasingly coming down the line.

Consumers want a full Web 2.0 experience on their digital TVs, with Adobe and open-source software platforms to deliver interactive cable services such as video-on-demand, voting and polling, games, and e-commerce, without the need for a set top box, LG said.

“By licensing ARM technologies, LG Electronics will be able to offer a futureproofed premium-quality digital TV experience for today’s connected home,” said Seung-Jong Choi, research fellow of Digital TV Lab, LG Electronics.

“The connected home relies on technology that is fully functional and that guarantees a high-quality, energy-efficient multimedia experience.

“With Web 2.0 requirements moving into a connected and high-definition home, LG Electronics has selected the ARM architecture to guarantee longevity for our own technology.”

By Marie Boran