LG unveils Windows 7 tablet computer

22 Nov 2010

LG has revealed a new tablet computer in Korea called the E-Note H1000B, which has Windows 7 Starter Edition as its operating system.

The tablet has a 10.1-inch display. It runs on Windows 7 Starter Edition, which seems rather limited for a device such as this. It has been said that users can upgrade it to Windows 7 Professional, however.

The E-Note H1000B is powered by a Z510 or Z530 processor. It includes 1 GB of RAM and a 16 SSD. It has two USB ports and a 3.5mm headphone input.

It includes Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and an SD card slot for extending its memory.

The tablet does not include a camera, however, and it will cost a hefty US$850. While this tablet may not be too impressive, LG has also said it would launch an Android tablet for 2011.

A solid tablet offering could prove to be crucial to turn the tide for LG in offering portable connected devices to consumers.

The company previously recorded big losses in the third quarter, thanks to ailing smartphone sales. Its CEO resigned because of its ailing smartphone business.