Logitech’s space-age remote wins at CES show

7 Jan 2009

Logitech’s latest universal remote is a far cry from its last incarnation: the Harmony 1100 is a super-small, super-slick piece of gadgetry with touch interface, and it fits right in the palm of your hand.

The Harmony won the CES Best of Innovations Award in Home Entertainment for the second year running with its 3.5-inch touch-sensitive screen, which is full-colour and fully customisable.

The remote also has RF (radio frequency) capability, which means that if you buy the Harmony RF Extender you can access devices behind closed doors and up to 100 feet away!

This remote is also sensitive to repeated behaviour. If when watching a movie you are always using the play and pause buttons, the remote will automatically make these commands available when you switch to watching TV.

The Harmony 1100 is expected to go on sale in Europe at the beginning of February for around €349 RRP.

Aside from the Harmony remote, Logitech has been quite busy at the CES this year, and also released a range of gaming accessories.

Logitech G35 headset

These included the G13 Advanced Gameboard and the Logitech G35 Headset (pictured above), which features an impressive 7.1 surround sound and second-generation Dolby Headphone technology for an immersive gaming environment that should make you leap out of your skin as the baddies approach.

By Marie Boran