MacBook Pro’s ultrabook future is in the ‘Air’

14 Mar 2012

Apple no doubt likes to think the MacBook Air is in a league of its own, but in reality it kickstarted the ultrabook form factor. Now it looks like the heavy duty MacBook Pro is to not only become an ultrabook, but rumours suggest the 15-inch Pro may be replaced by a 15-inch Air next month.

Last month we reported that Apple is working on a dramatic revamp of its notebook range, beginning with the MacBook Pro, with Apple jettisoning optical disk drives and hard drives in favour of flash memoru solid state drives, instant-on and software delivered via the MacApp Store.

This would mean the next generation of MacBook Pros would be ultrathin ultrabooks.

But the latest set of rumours from AppleInsider suggest that the MacBook Pro line will disappear, to be replaced by a larger 15-inch MacBook Air in April.

This will leave the 17-inch MacBook Pro as the sole remnant of the Pro line, if these rumours are to be believed.

It is suggested the 15-inch Air is set to be followed by a 17-inch MacBook Air later in the year.


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years