Magic mirror brings the future to the bathroom

13 Oct 2010

Mirror, mirror, on the wall … the Cybertecture Mirror, launched in Hong Kong, equips the traditional reflective glass with a number of tech features, such as Wi-Fi and apps.

The mirror, measuring at 800 x 500 x 50mm, hides many high-tech features beneath its reflective surface.

It comes with stereo speakers with 10 watts of power output, Wi-Fi connectivity, IP41 waterproofing and fog-resistant glass.

The Cybertecture Mirror also has access to apps, which runs on its proprietary-based operating system, includes access to messaging, RSS feeds, a calendar and email.

It also has an exercise app, which tracks fitness, and a weight app, which, when you weigh yourself, will send the data to the mirror and an account that’s accessible online.

It includes a remote control and “enhanced magic lighting” for make-up application.

The mirror will be available for pre-order in Hong Kong for US$7,733 (60,000 HKD) and won’t ship until 2011

Click here to see a video of the science fiction-esque mirror in action.